Reconditioning Center

We want to be more for you than just a simple “Detail Shop”.

Our aim is to improve not only the appearance but also the value and safety of your vehicle while saving you time and money!

One of our greatest features at Majestik Auto Spa is our Reconditioning Center were we offer the following services at a reasonable price:


Paintless Dent Repair

This is the smart solution to remove minor dents and dings from your car body panels – without the need for filling and also avoiding the costs for repainting the panel.

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Leather Repair

We offer permanent, invisible repairs to damaged leather seats restoring them back to new life! Minor cuts, tears and burn wholes can be repaired at a fraction of the costs of replacing seats or re-upholstering them.

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Paint Touchup

While driving your car small rocks and other debris will chip your paint. These unavoidable paint chip scratches and scrapes are too small to justify painting the effected area but there are still noticeable and frustrating.

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Headlight Resurfacing

Driving with yellowed or clouded lenses will compromise your night vision and is a safety hazard.The damage caused to headlights through to environmental causes and aging can be eliminated by resurfacing them instead of replacing them which is very costly.

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